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cosplay in india
We are back with ou weekly blog article. Keeping up with our tradition of writing blogs on less known topics, we have brought you an article on Cosplay. Yes, the modern day art and trend that anime kicked off without many of us realising that it has become parallel culture to anime, in itself. It is more commonly known as “Moe” culture in Japan. So, we will be discussing about the various elements involved in cosplay and being a cosplayer. We foresee cosplay developing as a trend in India, in the second half of the upcoming decade as anime merchandise becomes popular and commonly available. There is lot more to cosplay then anime merchandise. So let’s dive-in into this unexplored avenue.
Cosplay across the world
Cosplay is widely popular in many countries, needless to say its a huge industry in Japan. Fans are on lookout for blogs and communities on cosplay so they can dress up and recreate the character. For sure, it’s more than just dressing up. But being able to wear that perfect costume helps in personifying the character one chooses. Cosplay is not just limited to anime. Other character groups such as cartoons, video game characters, marvel and manga are the latest addition to the cosplay league.
Costume creation craft
This is the core of the cosplay. Since characters are unique in their design and additionally have props that can resemble anywhere from post-apolacyptic design to alien weaponry, creation of costumes is an art and needs mastery over design and craft. Cosplayers go the lengths in the quest to create the realistic costume. These can range from following DIY blogs for costume design, learning through video tutorials, collaborating with fellow cosplay hobbyist to using CAD software for designing really intricate artifacts of the costume.
Creative play
If costume is the core, then creative play is the soul of cosplay. This involves studying marquee posture of a character, the emotions it exudes, the story backdrop to it, handling of props(if any) and then recreating the character stance as it was originally intended in the story. Some of the viral cosplay themes in recent times were that of Boa Hancock, Elza Scarlet, Baby 5. No explanation needed. These are popular sizzling beauties in a shonen themed anime. Fans have tremendous following for cosplay of such characters. So, women cosplayers do beyond their best to bring the cosplay experience as close as possible to the anime version of characters.
Social Media traction
Cosplayers need to have presence on social media platforms to showcase their craft and characters via events like comicons, anime club events, anime festivals, etc. Cosplayers get sponsors in the form of merchandise sellers, event organizers, channel collaborators to generate revenue and also to fund the cosplay venture. Cosplayers also do video shoots, vlogging, pose for magazine covers and live streams to anime chat and video clubs online as part of the cosplay activity. So, the cosplay world has lot more going on than we originally thought. This is taken as full time hobby by many in the foreign countries especially Japan. We hope to see this trend go on rise in India too because that’s an icing on the cake for an already growing anime fandom.
So, that’s it for the introduction to cosplay. We want to spread awareness about anime and its artifacts to the larger anime audience in India. This was an attempt in that direction. We hope you loved the article. If you want more on cosplay, there are many blogs and tutorials dedicated for beginners. Just do a quick G search. You can also connect with us on our other channels as we also collaborate with cosplayers in India. We ensure, fresh anime content keeps flowing to you via all the mediums possible. So join our anime ecosystem. Links are given below. See you again.
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