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Top 5 Most Under-rated Badass Anime characters

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Guts – Berserk

Guts - Berserk

The Black Swordsman Guts is not only a powerful warrior but also the owner of massive Dragon Slayer Sword. This man with his prosthetic arm containing a hidden cannon and pain supressing Armor, has managed to kill impossibly powerful demons.

We personally think that there was a little injustice done when his exploits were not upto the match in anime what was shown in manga. He was not only to slay demons but also managed to butcher gods in his journey to take down his former comrade Griffith. He doesn’t have any mystical powers like protagonists of other anime, but he could emerge victorious from any battle against the most powerful foes as well.

Akira Fudo – Devilman

akira fudo - devilman

Akira Fudo is none other then protagonist of most famous series Devilman. As everybody may know that he gained his power to transform into a powerful devilman after conquering a demon’s spirit which tried possessing his body.

His story revolves around the quest being humanity’s last hope which he has, and uses his power and speed tries to take on the fallen angel Satan and his apocalyptic forces. Akira’s power is undeniable and was able to defeat strongest of demons with an ease while saving the world.

Isaac Netero – Hunter X Hunter

issac netero - hunter x hunter

Issac Netero is not only a strong martial artist of anime named Hunter x Hunter, but also the former chairman of Hunter Association. Netero gained an immense speed and strength, after subjecting himself to a training that could have possible ended him.

If anyone ever tried to counter him, then he is even able to summon a karate god which can destroy nearly anything. But the twist in his life comes with a small lethal bomb that is in his chest. This bomb can destroy anyone who manages to end him, and if anyone manages to survive that blast then that bomb can even poison his foes.

Zeno – Dragon Ball Super

zeno dragon ball super

If you want to see most overlooked and the cutest anime character which immense power then Zeno is the one. He/ She (we don’t know the gender) is the ruler of every reality in Dragon Ball Super. He can create and destroy existence in a single instance. This child-like god so much power that he can erase anyone and anything on a whim. He doesn’t have any special technique, but rather is a simple powerful god who command space and time.

Simon – Gurren Lagann

gurren laggan - simoan

Simon is simple human who posses’ spiral powers into the attack of his giant mech for devastating results. He can command mech so large that they can span galaxies. And he can also a drill with his ability to rip reality apart and can destroy literally anything that comes in his way.

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