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Top 10 mini anime series which you can prefer to watch in this lockdown

If you love anime and are the one who keeps to catch up with all the latest episodes of BIG 3 Anime One piece, Naruto and Dragon ball Z. Then today we will like to share with you our top 10 mini anime series recommendations which you can enjoy in weekdays.

Before that, a short note: This recommendations are for all Otakus brought to you by 9tails apparels . Creator of best anime merchandise in IndiaTop 10 mini anime recommendations by 9tails apparels

# Recommendation 1 β€” Another

Genre β€” Horror, Mystery, Thriller

A 12 episode series set in 1998 revolves around a boy named Kōichi Sakakibara, who upon getting transferred Yomiyama Middle School meets a curious student Mei Misaki, finds himself in mystery revolving around students and people facing gruesome and senseless death.

Link β€”

# Recommendation 2β€” Grand Blue

Genre β€” Comedy

A 12 episode series which revolves around Iori Kitahara moving to coastal town of Izu for his freshman year at university, residing above Grand blue (a scuba diving shop). But slowly Iori finds him getting sucked in alcoholic activities of carefree members of that club. Watch yourself to see how Iori finds balance in his life.

Link β€”

# Recommendation 3β€” Hotarubi no Mori e (Movie)

Genre β€” Supernatural, Romance

Hotaru a six year old girl is rescued by a ghost named Gin when Hotaru loses hr way in the forest while going to her uncles home. But the two become friends later , despite after the Gin reveals that he will disappear if he is ever touched by a human.

Link β€”

# Recommendation 4 β€” Violet Evergarden

Genre β€” Drama, Fantasy, Slice of Life

A girl who has lost her ability to understand feelings tries to decode the meaning of life. After the war is over, Violet evergarden needs a job. Scared and emotionless, she takes a job of letter writer to understand herself and her past.

Link β€”

# Recommendation 5 β€” Welcome to N.H.K

Genre β€” Black Comedy, Psychological Drama

22 Year old ollege dropout Tatsuhiro Satou has isolated himself feom society foe past four years, which has made him to believe in many obscure conspiracy theories. See the life of Tatushiro in this 24 episode series.

Link β€”

# Recommendation 6 β€” The girl who lept through time (movie)

Genre β€” Adventure, Drama, Sci-fi, Romance

A giel named Makoto who acquires power to travel through time, starts to use it for her own benefit but little does she know that she will be affecting lives of others who are associated with her.

Link β€”

# Recommendation 7β€” Eden of the East

Genre β€” Mystery, Political thriller, Psychological thriller

This 11 episode series is a survival game with mix of political,psychological suspense, and it affect on characters is shown beautifully.

Link β€”

# Recommendation 8β€” Your Name

Genre β€” Fantasy, Romance, Drama

Two strangers find thenselves linked in a bizarre way , but when finally the time comes where a connection forms between them, will seperation will be the only way to keep them linked? Find it on your name

Link β€”

# Recommendation 9β€” Plastic Memories

Genre β€” Scifi, Romance, Drama

Tsukasa Mizugaki joins renowned SAI corporation due to his fathers connection. The corporation is known for its production and management of androids possessing human emotion named GIFTIA .Tsukasas job is to recover giftias who are close to their expiration. Tsuka is made to work with giftia named Isla who herself is near to expiration and to make it worse they both fall in love.

Link β€”

# Recommendation 10 β€” Ergo Proxy

Genre β€” Scifi, Psychological, Mystery

After the world is devastated there’s only one city left where humans and androids live in peace until one day Inspector Re-l Mayer starts hunting a monster named Ergo Proxy

Link β€”

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