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So here we are again, with our weekly blog on animes. And this time our team got bored and so started discussing all new big 3 animes like 7 Deadly Sins, My hero academia, etc and its protagonist where our usual conversation escalated that if Meliodas from 7 Deadly Sins and Deku from My hero academia came face to face for fight; then who will win? And so here we have penned down our thoughts on who would win.

Deku stands no chance against Meliodas. That’s it, we said it. And here are the reasons why we think so.

First, let’s take a look at the strength, power abilities and skill comparison of the two characters

Meliodas capabilities:

Melodas fron HUNTER X HUNTER Anime
  1. Full Counter attack â€“ Repels magic attacks and spells. This is the most basic ability which causes to deflect the attack with twice the magnitude of damage
  2. Revenge counter â€“ Here, Meliodas turns off his abilities to take damages, and after that he has taken enough damage, Meliodas will charge his blade with power and strikes his enemy with it. This is Meliodas’s ultimate attack.
  3. Berserk Form– It’s the demon form of Meliodas. When Meliodas gets angry enough, he taps into his demonic form. A black mark starts forming on his forehead which gives boost to his strength, speed, and durability. The more the intensity of his anger, more the mark spreads over his body. He can manipulate markings to form weapons, wings for fights, as an armour, and even fire it as a dark matter in a specific range.
  4. Full demon form â€“ When Meliodas unleashes his “Full Demon” form, he accesses the powers that he possessed once in his prime as the Demon king’s successor. But this comes at a cost. It steals Meliodas of his emotions and makes him temporarily heartless, the way he was before betraying the demon clan. Even the members of 10 commandments fear this form.

Here we can clearly see that Meliodas has awakened his powers to the ultimate form. But on the other hand, let’s see what Deku has got in his arsenal.

Deku’s Capabilities:

deku from my hero academia
  1. He can use only 20% of his power – Till now, the point where anime has reached, Deku can only use only around 20% of his power
  2. No Defensive Moves â€“ In the story so far, Deku’s only offensive moves and strategies have been shown and no defensive move has been shown.
  3. Plus Ultra-Form – The power to go beyond 100% is called “Plus Ultra”, but Deku still can’t control it as it can rip apart his body. Deku has a long way to go before he can fully control it without causing damage to his body.
  4. Black Whip Form â€“ in this quirk, the user gets the ability to produce black energy tendrils from their arm and command them at will.  It’s a top-grade quirk. It can be used to bind enemies.

So, you can see that Meliodas is someone whose power will increase in the battle if he had to come face to face with Deku, and he has great control over his power. On the other hand, Deku is getting better with time but has not been able to control his powers to full extent. Both maybe experts in commanding their power, but as of now we can see clearly that Meliodas will win if they ever come face to face.

In short current Deku would get destroyed as Meliodas in his base demon form not only beats him in speed and raw power but also has many forms that can counter Deku’s every move. Additionally, he can also advance into levels which increase his physical strength, endurance and speed by orders of magnitude. Deku has a long journey in front of him to reach his full potential, and so we personally think Meliodas will win as of now.

Let us know your thoughts down below in the comments, and what all topics or blogs or theories would you love to be covered. Till then Sayounara.

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