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Hello Otakus,

We are back with our weekly blog, where we discuss about Anime theories, Anime news, Conspiracy theories and lot more. So, this time our anime pick of the week is My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia), and a question that has bugged a lot of MHA fans is that “Is Dabi, Shoto Todoroki’s brother?”. So, here’s what we at 9tails Apparels think of it.

Dabi’s background

It’s already popularly known that Todoroki has two older brothers. They were always deemed to be a failure by their father. Also given Endeavor’s parenting style and the abusive behaviour at home, might have led to the scenario where one of them left home to later become a villain. In chapter 187 as its mentioned that elder son Natsuo is in college but there was no mention of the oldest son

Now let’s talk about Dabi. As we all know that Dabi is a hardcore fanboy of Hero Killer Stain.  And Endeavor Is the kind of Hero, Stain hates a lot. And the only reason being that Endeavor in his views is a fake Hero who is obsessed over glory, rather then doing good. So, let’s say if Dabi is Endeavor’s son then it would make complete sense for him to identify with Stain’s belief. Also, a side point that Dabi in past committed only petty crimes. His move to join Villain Alliance was only made because, Stain’s philosophy might have resonated with him on personal level.

Now let’s take a look at their appearance

1.    Eyes and Hairs

Dabi has the same “sea green” colour of eyes as that of Todoroki’s left eye, Endeavor and his sister. And his Hair style also looks similar to young Endeavor. Although they both have different coloured hairs, but Kirishima is a proof that hair dye does exists in this anime. And Dabi was also shown once in front of a Beauty Salon.

MHA dabi endeavor and shoto todoroki eyes
9tails Apparels - 2

                    Image Source – Google | Image by –

9tails Apparels - 3

                    Image Source – Google | Image by –

2.   Quirk

Dabi has similar fire quirk as that of Endeavor and Todoroki. And genetics play a big role in your quirks being inherited. Counterpoint may be that there are billions of people in the world and multiple people might have fire quirk. But if you look in the below image, how strikingly similar it is, the way Todoroki and Dabi handle the flames in their hand.

9tails Apparels - 4

                    Image Source – Google | Image by –

Furthermore, Dabi can probably use both high temperature and low temperature flames. In manga Dabi’s flame are shown a little darker. But as per Endeavor, the temperature of flames can be controlled, as it was demonstrated by Endeavor himself when he used Blue flame to stop Nomu where his flame transitioned from red to purple and then to  blue. And Dabi is also shown using Blue flames in anime S3. And in S2 his flames gave off red embers and smoke, as cooler flames do, due to incomplete combustion.

9tails Apparels - 5

                    Image Source – Google | Image by –

3.    Location of Dabi’s Scars

dabi from my hero academia
endeavor from my hero academia

                    Image Source – Google | Image by –

If you ever noticed the location of Dabi’s Scars, they are very similar to the Location from which Endeavor emits his quirks. They both cover same areas. If you remember, when Bakugou found that Kurogiri can’t turn his whole body into a Warp gate, Dabi said that Sand Hero can only transform his top half into sand. It seems that the one who emits quirks have specific active areas on their body. Only from these areas one can emit quirks. So, it looks like that Dabi can use both Endeavors High temperature flames and Todoroki’s Low temperature flames, emitted from same areas on their bodies. Same quirk = Same genes = Same family.

Also, Dabi is the only villain whose name hasn’t been revealed yet. Maybe this is because he comes from high profile family or has famous dad like Endeavor and might not want to be associated with them.

So that’s it.

There is a long list of all other theories that gets discussed among the MHA fans. But we have kept that for another day. Also comment down below. What do you think? Is Dabi, Todoroki’s brother?

Disclaimer – this theory is not invented by us


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