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Hi again homies,

We are back with the weekly series of blogs.Last time we wrote about the return of old Animes. So we Hope this blog finds you in high of anime spirits as we write today about the return of one of the Big Three Shonen.
As the title reads, Bleach it is! The epic anime of its time is homecoming to adapt to the manga’s final arc. Here’s all you need to know about the breakthrough bleach will make in 2021.

At its fame, from 2004 to 2012 for 8 long years, Bleach was a huge successful hit both in Japan and across the globe. Surpisingly in 2012, the anime adaptation ended while Tite Kubo’s manga continued in Weekly Shonen Jump. That was a setback for the millions of fans but the manga fans stayed glued onto reading manga until its conclusion in 2016. As such the anime adaptation missed the final piece of bleach story i.e the concluding arc which goes by the name “Thousand Year Blood Arc”.
But recently, the loyal fans of Bleach got a sweet surpise, on the occasion of official livestream of 20th Anniversary of Bleach. The news got viral, via a leaked advertisement of Weekly Shonen Jump that the arc will be getting an anime adaptation in 2021.

For those who haven’t read the manga, we don’t intend to reveal spoliers. We would like to give you a brief summary of what to expect from the final arc of the iconic anime series that aired aired the turn of this millenia.

Several hollow murders and their abrupt dissapearance is reported in the shadow districts of seiretei. This is the taking off stage for the thousand year blood arc. Quincy were thought to be eradicted thousand years back with the exception of Ishida family but its revealed that the quincy are actually alive. To give a quick recap on the topic of quincy, they are the order of reishi-manipulating human mediums. Quincy murder hollow as opposed to purifying them like the shinigami. The arc is a story about the Quincy King’s ambition to obliterate universe and claim the throne of the God.

The Quincy for the thousand years were led by their founder and son of the Soul King, Yhwach. They used reishi to take refuge in the remote area of Seireitei. Training themselves through the years to fortify their powers, they called themselves the Wandenreich which stands for “invisible empire”. They eventually succeed in gaining control over Hueco Mundo after Aizen was defeated. Upon coming to light in front of the world, the quincy wage fierce war upon soul society. Yhwach’s plan is to destroy the soul society, absorb and kill his father the Soul King. He would then use the newly gained powers to recreate the entire existence into his empire. Uryu’s mother was killed by soul society. Uryu being eager for revenge joins Wandenreich. He is later chosen as the successor to Yhwach.


With these astounding turn of events, the keepers of soul society find themselves aghast. The survival and full blown attack of their arch enemies comes as bitter shock. But they quickly put up their guard and launch counter attack leading to a full-scale rampage battle that escalates throughout the districts of soul society, soul palace and Seireitei. As the war intensifies, new forms, powers and abilities are revealed on both sides. We wouldn’t be revealing those in this article. We leave them for you to catch up when the episodes go live.

As much as Bleach had received critique for filler episodes, inconsistent storylines, side characters with potential that were left out of the limelight and the haste of “Shonen Jump” producers to end Bleach in a hurry, the final take on the move to give it a much deserved ending is worth an applause. Fans had been waiting for longer that most wait for their lovers to reciprocate. We are not sure how it will pan out when streaming begins next year. We have given you glimspe of the story. If you feel you have tasted the urge to know more, you can read bleach manga to dive in further. But we expect some twist in the anime adaptation. We will be back when we get more insider info. Till then stay tuned to our blog.

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